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Our Water

Aristos Craft Water is purified through a GCWater, Reverse Osmosis system, which strips the water of any and all minerals and contaminates. The water is then re-mineralized with a proprietary blend of minerals that gives the water its crisp flavor profile, and hydrates and replenishes your body with a proper blend of calcium, potassium, and sodium.


Your New Favorite Can

Designed with you in mind, the 19.2 fl. oz. can was created to keep you hydrated on the go. The added XO lid allows you to reseal the can for future use and was built for smooth, uninterrupted flow. The aluminum container is easily recycled with the rest of your aluminum cans.

Wherever you go, be sure to take a can of Aristos Craft Water with you.


Dacia Livezey Feit

Just stocked up on water in a resealable aluminum can!!! The water tastes great and easy to pack in the cooler for wherever we go in the car or on the water. Get it at Hyvee.

Penny Schnake Acheson

We were given this amazing canned water while at a Memorial Ride in Camdenton on 9/13/19. The water had was very refreshing and had such a great taste. We live 3 hours away but have now found out where to purchase, so going to have our son pick some up for us and share the love...


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